Volunteer at the Temple!

In addition to the “Feeding our Keiki and Kupuna” program. The Temple needs a few good friends to help with various projects of all skill levels. Please consider donating your time and talents or a monetary contribution.

Help us help our community!

Please contact Miles or Bernice if you are available to assist with any of the following..

Miles: 808-640-4602; misterokumura@yahoo.com | Bernice: 808-731-9436; bkbtemple@gmail.com

  • Connect gas clothes dryer in kitchen

  • Weed whacking grass below Basement Store (just above Malama Market)

  • Touch up paint on the stage wall.

  • Open the spinet piano and prepare for sale.

  • Replace caster at bottom of donation box.

  • Mount curtain rods in the trophy room.

  • Inventory and repair sign posts and collapsible barricades.

  • Organize the trophy room.

  • Secure photos and frames of ministers – some photos need to be acquired.

  • Test and Mount motorized projection screen above stage proscenium.

  • Repair stage curtain drawstrings.

  • Repair light fixture outside Women's bathroom.

  • Install fluorescent light fixtures across from the women's restroom.

  • Check and install LED light bulbs everywhere.

  • Take down chochin lamp decorations outside the columbarium.

  • Place compost on flowers in the parking lot garden.

  • Weed whack and/or landscape the front of the temple.

  • Paint the flagpole.

  • Clear and clean the garage.

  • Troubleshoot lighting fixture above door to basement of social hall.

  • Take down the tree makai of the Temple kitchen.

  • Repair stands for parking signs.

  • Sweep the driveway down to Basement Store.

  • Sell tools and machinery in the Butsudan Room.

  • Paint door to Flower Room.

  • Paint the front steps of the sanctuary.

  • Remove weeds in main parking lot

  • Repair toilet Women's bathroom.

  • Repair gas rice cooker.

  • Install brighter light bulbs near surveillance cameras.

  • Trim hedge at Waipio end of parking lot.

  • "Bonsai" the bodhi tree in front of the lawn.

  • Rebuild "stand" for work sink in kitchen laundry room.

  • Adjust the exit door by the kitchen bathroom – install hook.